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FARNHAM'S LEGEND 3: Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Hoohey. I need to ramp on cranking these goodies out. These chapters are short, so let's cut right to the chase this time, readers.

Chapter 4:

Aaaand we're back to Nopileos. Somehow, there's a space opera within the story called "Space Station Antigone Does Not Respond". I'm deeply concerned that something as Earth-centric as "Antigone" and something as space-centric as "jazura" are thrown in the same paragraphsentence. It's like an anachronism except in space, not time.

Anyway, Nopileos, our star Teladi, is in his hatchery (school) on Platinum Ball (the seventh planet of the star Company Pride) daydreaming about being non-oviparous like the Argons who are, unless I'm mistaken, human. A good page and a half are devoted to describing the hatchery and other extremely Teladi bits and bobs. Nopileos' buddy Hegebalios begin discussing what subjects they're taking. Even they admit it's a boring conversation. Glad I'm reading it, guys. Keep it up. Extra points in the quagmire go to Hegebalios for having bright green scales that suggest permanent "hilarity" and Nopileos start a line with "Oh Egg-..."

I turned the page to 30 and was greeted with a pretty abrupt end to the chapter. Hege-man suggests big news and reveals stock price fluctuations. Which I guess that's a big deal to some Teladi, but even Nopileos was bored by the news. That, followed by a brief excerpt from Antigone where a character disappears from another, ended the damn chapter. Glancing up, it took three paragraphs for me to summarize three pages which could have been a single sentence. I don't even know if this came before or after the other Nopileos chapter on the Boron ship. I guess before? Damnit, Helge, get it together.

Chapter 5:

We're back to Billy and Lin. The narrator is on a first-name basis with these plucky humans (Kyle and Elena). I'm keepin' the nicknames. Eggs to you, Narrator. (Eggs? Channeling the inner Teladi...) Anyway, the Rii-4 incident with the weirdo-beardo capture of a terraformer ship is being reported by one Admiral Molander to our friends, an audience of unknown size, and us. Then...

"Kyle threw Elena a pained glance. The facts were known for years, repeating them was unnecessary, particularly in long, convoluted detail, presented in a hasty speed as if someone was hunting the Admiral."

Zam! That run-on just keeps running. Commas everywhere. That sentence is me when I wake up in the morning after a few too many drinks the night before.

Anyway, Lin pantomimes to Billy to have more patience... which suggests even he is bored by all this exposition. I feel you, Billy, when presented with:

"According to current science, faster-than-light communication is impossible, as you all know."

And this brings me to a little rant on science fiction. Explanatory text should not go in the dialog. It's as though I were talking to my pals at work while grabbing some coffee and dropped some little nugget of common contemporary knowledge like, "I drove to work today. My car is controlled by a steering wheel, as you all know," or "I had dinner with my parents. I was created by sexual intercourse between my biological mother and biological father, as you all know..."

I digress because I already see the end of the chapter coming on page 33.

I really want to hug pages 32 and 33, though. We're introduced to the Getsu Fune— the moon ship— a "Jupiter B, Series 1". There were only seven ever constructed, and they're all still operational. The Getsu Fune has been in operation for 130 years. It's been modified to include a Quantum Singularity Tunnel Drive... a jump-drive that (science-talk for "moves") through space.

The author also introduces Kyle's ship— a little shuttlemajig with a cargo bay and a pew-pew laser like in the game. It's simply called X.

For all the love that I want to heap on this chapter, I kinda wanna punch Elena and I'm not sure why. Brennan is a test pilot. She admits she's not a physicist. What does she do besides make goo-goo faces at Billy? She's also got a bit of a smugness. I have a feeling she'll grow on me, but for now, nuts to you, Elena Kho!

Chapter 6:

Nopileos in the Hatchery with Hegebalios. They're running late and everything's all weird as if something huge has happened. Sissandras asks about his auto-broker. For those of you who are as concerned as I am with this mythical device, it was left aboard the Pride of the CEO in the control room. It was powered on and connected to the network.

After this weirdus interchange, the brothers get chewed out by their teacher for being late, and, for Nopileos, not being Teladi enough... as if we needed another reminder. The big news is finally revealed that Nividium prices are 'bout to riggity-rocket.

Helge also gets around to mentioning that these two hatchery-chapters happen after the incident on the Boron spiral ship.

Sissandras' auto-broker owns every last Nividium share from the revealed profiteroid (profitable asteroid).

This reveals to me why Sissandras is so worried about the stupid auto-broker, but raises a buncha more questions about what's going to happen next. I mean, I kinda know from the musical that Nopileos and Sissandras find the X mentioned in the previous chapter, but Sissandras kinda disappears from the album after that. Hmmmm...

That's all I've got time for. It's getting mad late. I'll keep you guys posted, but I really, really like this book.


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